Create a Dated Planner in Just One Week with Affinity Publisher
Get the Shortcuts To Making A Fantastic Planner Quickly and Easily
Craft the PERFECT Planner for your SHOP
With Affinity publisher you can easily:

Create an entire planner once and use it for both a digital and printable planner

Put it in your shop

Add it to your course or program

All on part-time hours! So quickly that it could be done in less than a week.

What Students Are Saying!

I appreciate the bite-size videos and practical tips for creating multiple versions of planners. As an Adobe Indesign user, I was familiar with data merge but I definitely picked up some great strategies for working with Affinity Publisher. I look forward to using them in the future.

Give yourself the gift of time and learn how to design attractive planners in less than one week with Affinity Publisher!
This course teaches tips and tricks to help you quickly create a planner using shortcuts from Affinity Publisher. 
You'll get access to the following:

tech walk-throughs that you'll need to repurpose PLR and Canva templates

tech walk-throughs to import dates into daily pages (no more typing the dates for days!)

tech walk-throughs to create and use reusable assets (no more reinventing, just drag and drop!)

walk-through setting up your planner pages with a page size guide

planner - planning sheet, know exactly what page to link in a glance with our planning Google Sheet!

and more....

With these techniques, you can easily create a beautiful planner that will make your projects shine.

What Students Are Saying!

This course is really easy to follow and lots of gold nuggets for anyone to learn from. I have used Affinity for a while now and I still picked up a lot of new ways and ideas. I would definitely recommend this course to anyone that wants to learn some of the key points of Affinity and how easy it is to implement in your projects and is educational whether you are new at Affinity or have used it before this is a great course! I plan on rewatching a few areas again when I need the refresher again.

Love Creative Planners
Get Immediate Access Upon Purchase
Want to save hours creating your planner with
SIMPLE shortcuts?

Learn the lessons that took me hours to figure out.

See how a computer professional and software engineer plans out and uses Affinity Publisher to create a dated planner with ease.

I've been told "computer people," think differently.  This is your chance to see that thought process in action, and learn how I created a dated planner in less than 30 hours from concept to shop.

And you can create one that fast too.   Even if tech makes you want to throw the computer out the nearest window and scream.

Learn the tips that will enable you to create your first or next planner quicker and easier, even if tech isn't your thing OR it scares the crap out of you.

90 minutes of shortcuts and help from someone that has been teaching tech for 37 years and is certified to help those that are terrified of tech.

90 Minutes of Shortcuts. 

Learn from someone that is certified to help those terrified of tech. 

And has been teaching tech for 37 years.

Tons of Shortcuts.
Learn from someone that is certified to help those terrified of tech.
And has been teaching tech for 37 years.

Who am I?

My name is Michelle Thomas and I'm a software engineer by day and a blogger, creator, wife, mom and crazy dog lady by night.

I have been teaching tech to women since I was 15ish, and I love helping women use tech to acquire freedom.  

I am a certified technical trainer, and software engineer that is actually able to talk to real people that just don't get tech.

I can help you do things faster, smarter, and easier with tech, even if you are a technophobe. 


Shortcuts To Creating A Dated Planner In Affinity Publisher

Here's what you'll get: 

4 Shortcuts

A tech walk-through importing data

Lifetime access (lifetime of the course ;) ) 

All future updates...will include a planning spreadsheet.

Learn how to quickly and easily make dated planners in Affinity Publisher. 

Be able to reuse any of your favorite Canva templates (yes in Affinity Publisher). 

Get creative and make lots of fabulous planners without spending days in front of a computer! 

The joy of being able to make custom planners for yourself or even selling them in your online shop

Rejoice that you can finally understand how version 2.0 and 1.0 of Affinity software differ

Enjoy the satisfaction of seeing your creative ideas come alive in a printed or digital planner!

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long do I have Access?
    You will have lifetime access to the course.  By this, I mean the life of the course.  You will get plenty of warnings if the course is discontinued. Life get's busy and I totally get that. You will have lifetime access to the workshop and any additional resources I add at a later date. 
  • Will I be able to ask questions?
    Of course! And I LOVE questions! I will also provide access to a workshop form to ask questions that apply to Affinity Publisher or planner creation. You can also send me an email at with any specific questions you want answered. I will do my best to add the answer.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    As this is a digital product, I do not offer refunds. You will get the replay even if you miss the event.
  • Will you be adding to this? Will I get access?
    Yes, that is what I have planned. I will be adding handouts and additional sections. All students will get access to future updates added sections.
  • Do I need Affinity Publisher?
    All of the tech walk throughs are in Affinity Publisher, and you will get the most of this workshop if you have Affinity Publisher. You don't need Affinity Publisher to watch the training, but this training is meant to help people that either have the tool, or curious how Affinity Publisher can help them make planners quicker and easier. So no you don't need it, but in order to take action on the workshop you will need it or a tool similar to make your digital planner.
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Want to save yourself the hassle of creating the import spreadsheet?

Special one-time offer, only $17!
The import spreadsheet has been populated with all the dates through 2025.
Grab yours today and be ready to import all your calendar and planner dates for years to come!

Double bonus, I teach you how to add to the spreadsheet without manually typing the information for future years. If you can drag a square on a page, you can add years to this excel spreadsheet. 

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